NOTE- Every member will get 1 hat for free, it does not need to be added to your order. If you want another hat, add that more qty to your order.

BOCO Custom Endurance Mesh Hat

  • Lightweight soft woven polyester on the bill and upper to shield the sun and help move moisture from your forehead.   Oh yeah, the bill is totally pliable and stuffable!  The soft polyester open mesh back also allows heat to escape easier.
  • Dry Tech polyester inside panel and soft polyester mesh wicking sweatband keep your forehead cool and dry for the length of your workout and help move sweat away from your head keeping you focused on the trail or road.
  • Adjustable back snap buckle with tuck in pocket for any excess keeping the back of your hat tidy

Currently do not have mockups of the Rooster Endurance hat, it will be badass design just like all the other fully custom gear. Here are a couple designs below. The VPE hat was one I just made, other two designs are off of BOCO website.

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